AIE Luminogens as Versatile Bioprobes

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Author(s): Moustafa T. Gabr, F. Christopher Pigge*.

Journal Name: Current Analytical Chemistry

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Background: Luminogens that feature aggregation induced emission (AIE) are typically non-emissive in solution but become highly luminescent upon aggregation in poor solvents or solid state.

Discussion: Unlike conventional fluorophores that exhibit aggregation-caused quenching (ACQ), utilization of AIE luminogens as bioprobes has featured superior photostability, low background signal, large Stokes’ shifts, high sensitivity and turn-on luminescent response.

Conclusion: The versatility of AIE-based luminogens as bioprobes has been demonstrated through various applications in cell organelle imaging, ion sensing and sensitive detection of biomacromolecules. Examples of AIE-based luminogens and their applications as luminescent sensors for biosensing and optical imaging are discussed herein.

Keywords: Sensors, Luminescence, Bioprobes, Aggregation, Fluorescence, Organelle imaging

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