Importance and ILL-Effects of Nanoparticles: Sensors for Their Identification

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Author(s): Vallidevi Krishnamurthy*, Kannappan Panchamoorthy Gopinath, Ganeshraj Vanathi, Suresh Ganapathy Shivanirudh.

Journal Name: Current Analytical Chemistry

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Background: Nanoparticle has become an important part of many modern scientific technologies. Also, there are many naturally occurring nanoparticle that play important role in various natural and synthetic processes. Detection of these nanoparticles is expensive and challenging. This review paper explains in detail about various sensor based methods used in detection of nanoparticles.

Methodology: Sensor based analytical techniques are more accurate than other techniques. Nanoparticles may occur in air, water, solid surface and human or other living organisms’ physical environments. The detection methods include spectroscopic techniques, electrochemical methods, microcativities and microlasers based detection, optical techniques and many other high sensitive methods. All these methods and their principles are explained in this study. The importance and the ill effects of the nano particles are explained in this article. Further, the detection of a particular single nano particle is also discussed.

Conclusions: The detailed comparative analysis of these methods showed that sensor based methods is highly efficient in detection of nanoparticles. The further research in this field may introduce many cost effective and high efficient detection techniques that would revolutionize the medical and other application fields.

Keywords: Nanoparticles, Sensors, Detection, Environmental effects, Microactivities, Microlasers, Opticaltechniques

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DOI: 10.2174/1573411016666200102113529
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