Role of Nano-Photocatalysts in Detoxification of Toxic Heavy Metals

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Author(s): M. Bilal Tahir*, Abdullah M. Asiri, M. Faheem Malik, N. R. Khalid, T. Iqbal, M. Rafique, Habiba Kiran, Shabbir Muhammad, Saifeldin M. Siddeeg, Khurram Shahzad.

Journal Name: Current Analytical Chemistry

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Background: Nano-photocatalysis through semiconductor-based materials has become an emerging and eye-catching approach for detoxification of hazardous heavy metals in the aqueous environment.

Method: In this article, photocatalysis being a green technique along with several other detoxification technologies for toxic heavy metals have been reviewed.

Toxic Effects: Further, the adverse effects of heavy metals on human health, agriculture lands, environment, and aquatic system were investigated. Toxic heavy-metals contribute to numerous environmental issues based on their toxicity.

Result: Various types of photocatalysts were revised in recent literature for the detoxification of heavy metals. The recycling of photocatalysts may be anticipated as a worthy method for wastewater treatment has also been discussed with recent examples.

Conclusion: Moreover, it concludes with efficiency, challenges and new future perspectives for heavy metal detoxification using photocatalysis.

Keywords: Nano-Photocatalysis, Environmental Issues, Heavy metals, Treatment Technologies, Efficient Removal, Detoxification

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DOI: 10.2174/1573411016666191230151455
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