Main-Chain Ferrocene-Containing Polymers Prepared by Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polymerization: a Review

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Author(s): Ye Sha*, Zhihua Shen, Huan Jia, Zhenyang Luo.

Journal Name: Current Organic Chemistry

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Ferrocene, the crown of metallocene family, is widely studied as a functional unit in electrochemical and catalytic applications due to its sandwich structure. Ferrocene moieties can be embedded into polymer backbone, leading to main-chain ferrocene-containing polymers. These polymeric materials combine the unique functionalities of iron center with the processabilities of polymers. As one of the choice polymerization techniques, acyclic diene metathesis (ADMET) polymerization serves as a versatile method to prepare main-chain ferrocene-containing polymers under mild conditions using α,ω-dienes dienes as monomers. This paper overviews main-chain ferrocene-containing polymers prepared by ADMET polymerization. Advances in the design, synthesis and applications of this class of organometallic monomers and polymers are detailed.

Keywords: Anticancer drug, Anti-angiogenic drug, Carbene-silver complex, Renal cell cancer, Albumin-binding assay, DNAbinding assay, Xenograft mouse model, Zebrafish intersegmental vessel assay, ferrocene, main-chain, metallocene, metallopolymer, acyclic diene metathesis (ADMET), polymerization

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(E-pub Abstract Ahead of Print)
DOI: 10.2174/1385272824666191227111804
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