Synthesis and Characterization of Metallic Sulfide NP Doped Graphene Oxide for Methylene Blue Adsorption to Leuco Methylene Blue in Aqueous Mixture

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Author(s): Sachin Dev, Man Singh*.

Journal Name: Current Graphene Science

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Introduction: The Metal Sulfide Nanoparticles Doped Graphene Oxide Sheets Have Been Studied And Were Used To Adsorb Fluorescent Methylene Blue Dye. Such Mechanism Efficiently Reduces The Dyes And Their Fluorescent Pollutants Through The Positive And Negative Holes. The Metal Sulfide Doped Graphene Oxide Could Be A Most Potential Route To Reduce From Fluorescent To Non-Fluorescent Species To Prevent The Global Warming And Other Pollution Being Caused By Them.

Objectives: This Study Has Been To Strengthen And Widen The Applications Of Negative And Positive Holes Quick Formation At A Negligible Energy Barrier. Metal Sulfide Nanoparticles Were Doped With Graphene Oxide To Further Strengthen The Semiconducting And To Fastened The Rate Of Adsorption Of Methylene Blue Dye.

Methods: Graphite Flakes Were Oxidized To Graphite Oxide With High Yield. The Graphite Oxide Was Sonicated In Water To Obtain Graphene Oxide And Doped With Metal Sulfide Nanoparticles In Situ. The Samples Were Characterized With High End Instruments And Used For Adsorption.

Results: The Metal Sulfide Nanoparticles Were Successfully Doped With Graphene Oxide. The Ftir And Xps Spectra Infer Doping Of Metal Sulfide Nanoparticle In Graphene Oxide. That Enhanced Methylene Blue Adsorption Upto 97%.

Conclusion: The Common Adsorption Effect Of Methylene Blue With Bare Graphene Oxide And Metal Sulfide Nanoparticles Doped Graphene Oxide Were Studied In This Paper. The Methylene Blue Adsorption Was Maximum (97%) By Cadmium Sulfide Doped Graphene Oxide Compared To Bare Graphene Oxide (87%), Nickel Sulfide Doped Graphene Oxide (79%), And Zinc Sulfide Doped Graphene Oxide (89%). The Metal Sulfide Nanoparticles Have Successfully Enhanced A Semiconductor Mechanism Of Graphene Oxide Especially With 3d And 4d10 Of Cds.

Keywords: Reduction, adsorption, Graphene oxide, Metal doped Graphene oxide, Methylene blue, metallic sulfide NP

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DOI: 10.2174/2452273204666191227102253

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