miRNAs Signatures In Patients With Acute Liver Injury: Clinical Concerns and Correlations

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Author(s): Hitarthi S. Vyas, Kapil K. Upadhyay, Ranjitsinh V. Devkar*.

Journal Name: Current Molecular Medicine

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Non-coding RNAs can be highly exploited for their biological significance in living systems. miRNAs are in upstream position of cellular regulation cascade and holds merit in its state. A wealth of information is available on wide variety of miRNAs that undergo alterations in experimentally induced models of liver injuries. The underlying mechanisms governed by these miRNAs have been inferred through cell-based experiments but the scientific knowledge on miRNA signatures in patients with liver injury are primordial and lack scientific clarity. Hence, it is crucial to get insight into the status and synergy of miRNAs in patients, with varying degree of acute toxic manifestations in liver. Though, some miRNAs are being investigated in clinical trials, a major research lacunae exist with regard to the functional role of other miRNAs in liver diseases. This review article is a meticulous compile of disease based or drug/alcohol based acute liver injuries in patients and resultant alteration in their miRNA profile. Investigative reports on underlying miRNA-liver crosstalk in cell based or murine models is also discussed herein to draw correlation with clinical findings.

Keywords: microRNAs, acute liver injury, patients, biomarker

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DOI: 10.2174/1566524020666191211153546
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