Cutting Edge Techniques in Biophysics, Biochemistry and Cell Biology: From Principle to Applications

Editor(s): Anupam Jyoti and Neetu Mishra

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Advances in biomedical research have had a profound effect on human health outcomes over the last century. Biophysical, biochemical and cellular techniques are now the backbone of modern biomedical ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. i

Rajiv Kumar

Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. ii

Anupam Jyoti and Neetu Mishra

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Pp. iii

Anupam Jyoti and Neetu Mishra

Animal Cell Culture: From Fundamental Techniques to Biomedical Applications

Pp. 1-14 (14)

Neetu Mishra and Joyita Banerjee

PDF Price: $15

Real Time PCR as a Diagnostic Tool in Biomedical Sciences

Pp. 15-26 (12)

Ritismita Devi, Rohit Saluja and Swapnil Sinha

PDF Price: $15

Flow Cytometry: Basics and Applications

Pp. 27-42 (16)

Juhi Saxena and Anupam Jyoti

PDF Price: $15

Essentials of Recombinant Protein Production

Pp. 56-72 (17)

Satyajeet Das and Sanket Kaushik

PDF Price: $15

In Silico Modeling and Drug Designing

Pp. 73-87 (15)

Gauri Misra and Neetu Jabalia

PDF Price: $15

Biomolecular Crystallography and Its Applications

Pp. 88-102 (15)

Nagendra Singh

PDF Price: $15

RNA Sequencing Technology for Biomedical Sciences

Pp. 103-126 (24)

Sandeep Ameta and Roberta Menafra

PDF Price: $15

Immunoelectrophoresis: Recent Advances and Applications

Pp. 127-137 (11)

Vinod Singh Gour and Ravneet Chug

PDF Price: $15

Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 138-139 (2)

Anupam Jyoti and Neetu Mishra