The Mechanical Alloying of Magnetite Concentrate with Biochar

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Author(s): Elif Aranci Özturk*, Mustafa Boyrazli, Mehmet Deniz Turan, Murat Erdemoglu.

Journal Name: Current Physical Chemistry

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Aims: In this work, the effect of milling time on the mechanical alloying of the mixture contained the magnetite concentrate and waste of biomass was investigated.

Method: The ore consisting of hematite and magnetite was increased from 49.87% Fe to 67.29% Fe after the enrichment in the low field severe wet magnetic separator with a yield of 78.11%. Waste of biomass used as a carbon source was subjected to carbonization processes at 800 oC for 1440 min and the carbon content was determined as 94.68% and the sulphur content as 0.03%.

Result: For the mechanical alloying process, a mixture of concentrated-biomass with a grain size of -45 μm was used such that the stoichiometric ratio of 2. After 5, 10, 15, 30 and 45 minutes of alloying, 90% of the mixture was reduced to 3.89 micron. In the SEM images, cube-like particles were seen along with spherical and narrowly spaced particles depending on the alloying times. After 45 minutes of alloying, the crystalline structure was found to be partially integrated with the carbonaceous material.

Keywords: Mechanical Alloying, Magnetite Concentrate, Biomass, Spex

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DOI: 10.2174/1877946809666191021153252