Ovarian Cancer-Challenges and Innovations

Ovarian Cancer-Challenges and Innovations

This informative book provides a wealth of information on ovarian cancer. The book opens with a discussion of contemporary management of this disease with commentary on surgery and clinical trials: ...
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Psychological Aspects of Ovarian Cancer Healing

Pp. 148-171 (24)

Jacob M. Appel


This chapter explores the psychological aspects of healing from ovarian cancer. Topics discussed include: i) psychological status of the patient - those with psychiatric disorders and those with secondary anxiety or depression arising after the diagnosis of cancer, ii) communication – how much and when to communicate, iii) psychological distress and demoralization, iv) complicating factors including loss of fertility, pain, fatigue and cosmetic concerns, v) caregiver burnout, vi) treatments including: depression, anxiety and talk therapy, vii) end-of-life issues including palliative and hospice care, and aid-in-dying.


Aid in dying, Anxiety, Caregiver burnout, Depression, Distress, Demoralization, End of life, Fatigue, Fertility, Hospice, Psychiatric, Pain, Palliative care, Talk therapy.


Psychiatry and Medical Education, Director of Ethics Education in Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA.