Dynamic Performance of High-Speed Electric Multiple Unit within Multi-Body System Simulation

Author(s): Junguo Wang*, Daoping Gong, Rui Sun, Yongxiang Zhao.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

Volume 12 , Issue 4 , 2019

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Background: With the rapid development of the high-speed railway, the dynamic performance such as running stability and safety of the high-speed train is increasingly important. This paper focuses on the dynamic performance of high-speed Electric Multiple Unit (EMU), especially the dynamic characteristics of the bogie frame and car body. Various patents have been discussed in this article.

Objective: To develop the Multi-Body System (MBS) model of EMU, verify whether the dynamic performance meets the actual operation requirements, and provide some useful information for dynamics and structural design of the proposed EMU.

Methods: According to the technical characteristics of a typical EMU, a MBS model is established via SIMPACK, and the measured data of China high-speed railway is taken as the excitation of track random irregularity. To test the dynamic performance of the EMU, including the stability and safety, some evaluation indexes such as wheel-axle lateral forces, wheel-axle lateral vertical forces, derailment coefficients and wheel unloading rates are also calculated and analyzed in detail.

Results: The MBS model of EMU has better dynamic performance especially curving performance, and some evaluation indexes of the stability and safety have also reached China’s high-speed railway standards.

Conclusion: The effectiveness of the proposed MBS model is verified, and the dynamic performance of the MBS model can meet the design requirements of high-speed EMU.

Keywords: Dynamic characteristics, Lagrange's equation, power bogie, safety, stability, wheelset.

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