Recent Patents on Radiotherapy Bed

Author(s): Yongde Zhang*, Xuesong Dai, Jingang Jiang, Zhikang Yang, Peiwang Qin.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

Volume 12 , Issue 4 , 2019

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Background: In order to increase the accuracy of radiotherapy and to improve the patient's comfort, diverse structures of radiotherapy bed have been designed and improved constantly.

Objective: To provide an overview of recent patents about radiotherapy bed and to introduce their characteristics and development.

Methods: In this study, various representative patents related to the radiotherapy bed were reviewed. Additionally, the structural characteristics and applications of the typical radiotherapy bed were introduced.

Results: The characteristics of different radiotherapy beds were analyzed and concluded. Moreover, the main problems concerning their development were analyzed, and the current and future developments of patents on radiotherapy bed were also discussed.

Conclusion: Radiotherapy bed is an important part of radiotherapy system, which also determines the therapeutic outcomes of radiotherapy. Further improvements are required in the aspects of accuracy, comfort, flexibility and result stability of the radiotherapy bed. More invention should be laid on more patents on radiotherapy beds.

Keywords: Mechanical structure, parallel mechanism, radiotherapy bed, series mechanism, treatment table, tumor couch.

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