Plant Antifungal Lectins: Mechanism of Action and Targets on Human Pathogenic Fungi

Author(s): Marianela Del Rio, Laura de la Canal, Mariana Regente*.

Journal Name: Current Protein & Peptide Science

Volume 21 , Issue 3 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Lectins are proteins characterized by their ability to specifically bind different carbohydrate motifs. This feature is associated with their endogenous biological function as well as with multiple applications. Plants are important natural sources of these proteins; however, only a reduced group was shown to display antifungal activity. Although it is hypothesized that the target of lectins is the fungal cell wall, the mechanism through which they exert the antifungal action is poorly understood. This topic is relevant to improve treatment against pathogens of importance for human health. In this context, mechanisms pointing to essential attributes for virulence instead of the viability of the pathogen emerge as a promising approach. This review provides the current knowledge on the action mechanism of plant antifungal lectins and their putative use for the development of novel active principles against fungal infections.

Keywords: Plant lectins, antifungal, Candida, action mechanism, virulence attributes, adherence, morphological transition, biofilm, quorum sensing.

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