Application of Nanotechnology to the Extraction of Herbal Components for Medicinal Uses

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Author(s): Pratibha Salunkhe, Priya Bhoyar, Amravati Gode, Sandeep P Shewale*.

Journal Name: Current Nanomaterials

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Herbal extract in Indian medicinal treatment plays an important role; because of their capability to take care of diverse diseases with minimum adverse effects. Medicinal treatment requires a methodical advance to transport the compositions in a continual way to augment tolerant fulfillment and minimizes frequent supervision. This can be possible with the novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) for extraction of herbal compounds. NDDSs are reduced the frequent supervision to conquer refusal, to assist to enhances the remedial worth by lessening toxicity and rising the bioavailability. Use of nanotechnology is a novel method; Nano-sized drug release system of herbal medicine has a possible prospect for attractive action and overwhelmed trouble connected with plant medicine. For this reason, the addition of the nanocarrier as an NDDS in the conventional drug delivery method is essential to fight more chronic diseases.

Keywords: Nanotechnology, Herbal medication, NDDS- Novel DrugDelivery System, Herbal medicine, categorization.

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DOI: 10.2174/2405461504666190830094917

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