Skin Ageing: Pathophysiology and Current Market Treatment Approaches

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Author(s): Manupriya Chaudhary, Azmi Khan, Madhu Gupta*.

Journal Name: Current Aging Science

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Ageing is a natural phenomenon which is a fold, ridge and crease in the skin that occurs due to loss of body mass, poor hydration, disintegration of dermis and epidermis junction. The Skin ageing process involves many changes that occur due to the combination of both endogenous factors (gene mutation, cellular metabolism, and hormonal factor) and exogenous factors (U.V, pollutants, chemical, and toxins). In 1950, the number of older people were found to be almost 205 million across the globe. But this number almost got 4 times by the year 2012 and the number of older persons increased to a massive amount of 810 million. The ageing of the skin occurs due to various mechanisms like glycation, free radical, cell cycle, cellular and molecular mechanism of skin ageing. In this review article, we have discussed about the treatment, worldwide newer therapies and marketed formulation that is currently available for the reduction of skin ageing. The most promising and revolutionizing field of nanotechnology is mostly applied in the field of dermatology, cosmetics, and biomedical applications. Nanotechnology also plays a vital role in increasing the efficacy of the product.

Keywords: Treatment, Nanotechnology, Skin ageing, Dermatology, Nanocarriers

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DOI: 10.2174/1567205016666190809161115

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