A Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Bionic Kangaroo Leg Suspension

Author(s): Yong Song, Shichuang Liu*, Jiangxuan Che, Jinyi Lian, Zhanlong Li, Qinglu Shi.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

Volume 12 , Issue 4 , 2019

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Background: Vehicles generally travel on different road conditions, and withstand strong shock and vibration. In order to reduce or isolate the strong shock and vibration, it is necessary to propose and develop a high-performance vehicle suspension system.

Objective: This study aims to report a pneumatic artificial muscle bionic kangaroo leg suspension to improve the comfort performance of vehicle suspension system.

Methods: In summarizing the existing vehicle suspension systems and analyzing their advantages and disadvantages, this paper introduces a new patent of vehicle suspension system based on the excellent damping and buffering performance of kangaroo leg, A Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Bionic Kangaroo Leg Suspension. According to the biomimetic principle, the pneumatic artificial muscles bionic kangaroo leg suspension with equal bone ratio is constructed on the basis of the kangaroo leg crural index, and two working modes (passive and active modes) are designed for the suspension. Moreover, the working principle of the suspension system is introduced, and the rod system equations for the suspension structure are built up. The characteristic simulation model of this bionic suspension is established in Adams, and the vertical performance is analysed.

Results: It is found that the largest deformation happens in the bionic heel spring and the largest angle change occurs in the bionic ankle joint under impulse road excitation, which is similar to the dynamic characteristics of kangaroo leg. Furthermore, the dynamic displacement and the acceleration of the vehicle body are both sharply reduced.

Conclusion: The simulation results show that the comfort performance of this bionic suspension is excellent under the impulse road excitation, which indicates the bionic suspension structure is feasible and reasonable to be applied to vehicle suspensions.

Keywords: Biomimetics, characteristic simulation, kangaroo leg structure, PAM, suspension, vehicle.

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