Potential Drug Targets Against Hepatitis B Virus Based on Both Virus and Host Factors

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Author(s): Bing-Yi Zhang, Dan-Ping Chai, Yi-Hang Wu*, Li-Peng Qiu, Yong-Yong Zhang, Zi-Hong Ye, Xiao-Ping Yu.

Journal Name: Current Drug Targets

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Background: Hepatitis B is a very harmful and epidemic disease caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV). Although an effective anti-HBV vaccine is available, chronic infection poses still a huge health burden in the whole world. The present anti-HBV drugs including nucleoside analogues and interferonalpha have their limitations without exception. There is no effective drug and therapeutic method that can really and truly cure hepatitis B so far. The variability of HBV genome results in that a significant number of patients develop drug resistance during the long-term use of anti-HBV drugs. Hence, it is urgently needed to discover novel targets and develop new drugs against hepatitis B.

Objective: The review aims to provide the theory support for designing of the anti-HBV innovative drugs by offering a summary of the current situation of antiviral potential targets.

Results and Conclusion: Since HBV is obligate intracellular parasite, and as such it depends on host cellular components and functions to replicate itself. The targeting both virus and host might be a novel therapeutic option for hepatitis B. Accordingly, we analyse the advances in the study of the potential drug targets for anti-HBV infection, focusing on targeting virus genome, on targeting host cellular functions and on targeting virus-host proteins interactions, respectively. Meanwhile, the immune targets against chronic hepatitis B are also emphasized. In short, the review provides a summary of antiviral therapeutic strategies to target virus factors, host factors and immune factors for future designing of the anti-HBV innovative drug.

Keywords: Hepatitis B virus, viral target, host target, virus-host interactions, immune target, drug design

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DOI: 10.2174/1389450120666190729115646
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