A Multi-Perspective Review on Dengue Research

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Author(s): M. E Sobhia*, Ketan Ghosh, Ajeet Singh, Komal Sul, Monica Singh, Ravi Kumar, Sandeep, Satti Merugu, Sunilchand Donempudi.

Journal Name: Current Drug Targets

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Dengue fever is a disease which is caused by a family of viruses Flaviviridae which are transmitted by female Aedes mosquitoes. Today, this is an endemic in more than 100 nations in the World Health Organization's African, Americas, Eastern Mediterranean, South-East Asia and Western Pacific locales. The treatment of typical dengue is focused on relieving the symptoms and signs. Carica papaya is a very common plant whose leaf extract is used in the treatment of this disease. Despite extensive research on Dengue, not a single vaccine or anti-viral drug was available until 2016 (partially effective Chimeric Yellow fever virus- DENV-Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine for dengue fever made by Sanofi Pasteur).This review highlights dengue fever in the present scenario and explains the importance of Natural chemical moieties like methionine–proline anilides , tetrapeptide aldehyde via Structure Activity Relationship studies. Also we have reviwed the drug candidates currently in the clinical trials that have the potential to solve this issue.Important patents of the past 20 years have been mentioned in this review. An in depth Protein Data Bank analysis of the different possible target proteins that can potentially have a major role in curing Dengue fever has been conducted.

Keywords: Dengue Transmission , Structural Proteins , Non Structural Proteins , Protein data bank , In silico work , Clinical studies , Patent

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