Using Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory for Study and Analysis, the Thermal Bending of Functionally Graded Sandwich Plate Properties

Author(s): Bendahane Khaled, Bouguenina Otbi, Mokaddem Allel*, Doumi Bendouma, Belakhdar Khalil.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

Volume 12 , Issue 4 , 2019

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Background: Several studies and patents have been carried out on the realization and optimization of structures and structural elements subjected to several-weights-critical-applications. Among the structures optimized in engineering, there are sandwich structures that are mainly used to react under these conditions.

Objective: In this article, we have investigated the thermal bending response of simply supported Functionally Graded Sandwich Plate (FGSP).

Methods: Using simple Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory (HSDT). A type of FGSP with both functionally graded materiel FGM face and ceramic hard core are considered. Based on the principle of virtual work, the governing equations are derived and then these equations are solved via Navier procedure. Analytical solutions are obtained to predict the deflection, axial and shear stress of FGSP.

Results: To verify the efficiency of the present method a comparison with existing literature and patents results is employed. The influence of the plate aspect ratio, the relative thickness, the gradient index, the sandwich plate schemes, and the thermal loading conditions on the bending of FGSP are investigated.

Conclusion: A good agreement is obtained between present results and the existing literature solutions. It can be concluded that the proposed theory is accurate and simple in solving the thermoelastic bending behavior of functionally graded sandwich plates. Various patents have been discussed.

Keywords: Analytical modeling, FG sandwich plate, Navier procedure, shear deformation theory, shear stress, thermal bending response.

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