Recent Advances in Preparation and Application of Functionalized Mesoporous Materials

Author(s): Jianghong Liu*, Xiaohang Wei, Dandan Yuan, Jingwei Ren, Jian Xue.

Journal Name: Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering
Formerly: Recent Patents on Chemical Engineering

Volume 12 , Issue 3 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Functionalized mesoporous materials are widely used in the environmental field due to their excellent adsorption and catalytic properties. The materials with different functions are obtained by modifying mesoporous materials. In this paper, the preparation methods of functional mesoporous materials with functional groups, metal doping and acid modified were presented. This review focused on the main features and applied prospects of functionalized mesoporous materials under three producing methods. Recent advances of functionalized mesoporous materials in the fields of adsorption and catalysis have been summarized. Adsorption mainly refers to the treatment of heavy metals, organic contaminant, dyestuff and CO2. Finally, the trends and application foreground of functionalized mesoporous materials were elaborated in this paper, which provided reference and guidance for the development of functional mesoporous materials.

Keywords: Modification, adsorption, heavy metal ions, metal-doped, mesoporous materials, catalysis.

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