Frontiers in Occupational Health and Safety

Volume: 2

Editor(s): Farhana Zahir

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The definition of occupational health hazards is constantly changing over time as technology advances and as the awareness of work place safety issues continues to grow. Introduction to Occupational ...
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Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-ii (2)

Farhana Zahir

Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. iii

S.M. Hadi

List of Contributors  promotion: free to download

Pp. iv

Farhana Zahir

New Frontiers in Occupational Disease

Pp. 1-40 (40)

Farhana Zahir

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Occupational Hazards as Neurological Disorders

Pp. 41-61 (21)

Rajesh Singh Yadav and Kumar Vaibhav

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Cancer as an Occupational Hazard

Pp. 62-86 (25)

Manzoor Ahmad Gatoo and Sufia Naseem

PDF Price: $15

Occupational Health Hazards to Medical and Paramedical Staff

Pp. 87-113 (27)

Farhana Zahir, Shazia Parveen, Nasreen Noor, Abdul Faiz Faizy, Shaziya Allarakha and Shagufta Moin

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Biosafety Issues for Scientists and Laboratory Workers

Pp. 114-157 (44)

Achla Gupta and Farhana Zahir

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Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 174-183 (10)

Farhana Zahir