Research Progress and New Patents of Magnetic Grinding Machine

Author(s): Yuan Li, Ye Dai*, Yunshan Qi, Yufei Gao.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

Volume 12 , Issue 3 , 2019

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Background: Mechanical parts in processing and manufacturing process will produce burr, scratches and other surface quality problems, which have adverse effects on the precision, use, reprocessing location, operation safety and appearance quality of the parts, so it is necessary to grind the workpiece surface.

Objective: Based on the recent development in the field of magnetic grinding and related patent research, it can provide reliable help to solve the problem of finishing the surface of parts with complex shapes and small volumes.

Methods: This paper reviewed some patents and research advances related to magnetic abrasive finishing, and the advantages and disadvantages of the magnetic grinding machine in the finishing process were summarized. The outstanding grinding effect of the new vibration assisted magnetic grinder was introduced.

Results: The working characteristics of various magnetic grinding machines were summarized, and the development trend of magnetic grinding and finishing was prospected.

Conclusion: Magnetic abrasive finishing has good flexibility, strong self-sharpening, wide applicable scope, high processing efficiency, simple processing equipment and low cost. It can control the grinding efficiency and grinding precision. The machining efficiency and quality of magnetic grinding can be improved with the appropriate amplitude of vibration assist, and the surface quality can be improved significantly.

Keywords: Burr, electrochemistry, finishing cut, magnetic abrasive finishing, precise finish, ultraphonic, vibration assisted.

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