Lipid based nanoparticles: Current strategies for brain tumor targeting

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Author(s): Bibhash C Mohanta, Narahari N Palei*, Vijayaraj Surendran, Subas C. Dinda, Jayaraman Rajangam, Jyotirmoy Deb, Biswa Mohan Sahoo.

Journal Name: Current Nanomaterials

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Brain tumor diagnosis and therapy is an extremely challenging task. The absence of early stage symptoms and consequently delays in diagnosis matter a lot in tumor therapy. The chemotherapeutic approach is the most common therapeutic approach in brain tumor cases, still, it is linked with several precincts. The greatest challenge in chemotherapeutic approach is that most of the chemotherapeutic agents are either completely unable to penetrate blood brain barrier (BBB) or able to penetrate in relatively low concentrations which are mainly owing to the protective action of BBB, impairing chemotherapy significantly. In the era of nanotechnology, polymeric nano drug delivery systems are proposed as an alternative carrier for long term delivery of therapeutic agents along with their modified form. Moreover, polymeric nanoparticulate carriers are not universally acceptable for brain tumor therapy due to numerous limitations. Lipid nanoparticles have an amazing tumor-targeted ability and they are fortunate as almost 40% of the new drug entities are lipophilic. In the field of personalized medicine, theranostics lipid based nanocarriers have shown promissory results as they are able to detect and monitor brain tumor therapy effectively in an early stage. Engineered lipid-based nanoparticles are able to diagnose and treat brain tumor simultaneously with lesser toxicity. The study suggested that lipid based nanoparticles could offer an economical chemotherapy with reduced dosing frequency and improved patient compliance for better management of brain tumor. Novel study designs, better pre-clinical testing, and international collaborative efforts are needed to accelerate progress in neuro-oncology and improve outcomes in brain tumor patients.

Keywords: BBB, Brain tumor, Nanotechnology, Lipid nanoparticles, Chemotherapy, Diagnosis

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(E-pub Abstract Ahead of Print)
DOI: 10.2174/2405461504666190510121911
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