Macroalgal Polysaccharides in Biomimetic Nanodelivery Systems

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Author(s): Nikola Geskovski, Simona Dimchevska Sazdovska, Katerina Goracinova*.

Journal Name: Current Pharmaceutical Design

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Background: Imitating the nature in the design of bio-inspired drug delivery systems resulted in several success stories. However, practical application of biomimicry is still largely unrealized owing to the fact that we tend to copy the shape more often than the whole biology. Interesting chemistry of polysaccharides provides endless possibilities for drug complex formation and creation of delivery systems with diverse morphological and surface properties. However, the type of biological response, which may be induced by these systems, remains largely unexploited.

Methods: Therefore, considering the most current research for the given topic, in this review, we will try to present the integrative approaches for the design of biomimetic DDS’s with improved therapeutic or theranostic effects based on different algal polysaccharides that exert multiple biological functions.

Results: Algal polysaccharides may provide building blocks for bioinspired drug delivery systems capable to support the mechanical properties of nanomedicines and mimic various biological processes by molecular interactions at the nanoscale. Numerous research studies demonstrate efficacy and safety of multifunctional nanoparticles integrating several functions in one delivery system, composed of alginate, carrageenan, ulvan, fucoidan and their derivatives, intended to be used as bioartificial microenvironment or diagnosis and therapy of different diseases.

Conclusion: Nanodimensional structure of polysaccharide DDS’s shows substantial influence on the bioactive motifs potential availability for interaction with a variety of biomolecules and cells. Evaluation of the nanodimenional structure-activity relationship is crucial for unlocking the full potential of polysaccharide bio-mimicking DDS’s future application in modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Keywords: biomimetic drug delivery systems, algal polysaccharides, alginate, carrageenan, fucoidan, ulvan

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