Benzoxazine Based High Performance Materials with Low Dielectric Constant: A Review

Author(s): Lei Zhang*, Jiale Mao, Shuang Wang, Yiting Zheng, Xiangdong Liu*, Yonghong Cheng*.

Journal Name: Current Organic Chemistry

Volume 23 , Issue 7 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Interlayer dielectrics with low dielectric constant are the key to unlock the high arithmetic speed of integrated circuit, one of the kernels of modern industry. Polybenzoxazine, derived from benzoxazine precursor, is a new generation of phenolic resin that is considered as an ideal potential candidate for electronic materials due to its unique properties. However, for developing higher speed supercomputers, the dielectric property of conventional polybenzoxazine becomes the Achilles’ heel. Fortunately, the versatile design flexibility of benzoxazine chemistry provides the possibility to reduce the dielectric constant of the material. This review focuses on the recent attempts to synthesize low dielectric benzoxazine and the properties of the corresponding polybenzoxazine materials. Methods including fluorination, hydrocarbon introduction, heterocycle generation, molecular weight tailoring, copolymerization and organic-inorganic hybridization are introduced.

Keywords: Benzoxazine resin, dielectric constant, molecular design, polybenzoxazine, copolymerization, hybridization.

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