Recyclable Heterogeneous Fe-Mo Nanocatalyst: Application in Solvent the Free Synthesis of β-enaminones

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Author(s): Swapnil R. Bankar*.

Journal Name: Current Organocatalysis

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In the present research article, an effective method has been employed for the synthesis of β-enaminones by using a supported molybdenum oxide (MoO3)-Ferrite (Fe3O4) as a catalyst. The synthesized magnetic nanocat-Fe-Mo was confirmed well by several analytical techniques like XRD, XPS, SEM and TEM spectroscopy. The reaction between primary amines and 1, 3-dicarbonyl compounds was carried out under solvent-free conditions with low catalyst loading. Proposed method gives good to excellent yields (86-96%), short transformation time, easy work-up and reusability of the catalyst which thoroughly touch the green transformation.

Keywords: Magnetic nanocat-Fe-Mo, β-enaminones, Solvent-free, Green transformation

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(E-pub Ahead of Print)
DOI: 10.2174/2213337206666190415125053
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