Ultrasonically Assisted Efficient and Green Protocol for the Synthesis of 4H-isoxazol-5-ones using Itaconic Acid as a Homogeneous and Reusable Organocatalyst

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Author(s): Sandeep Bhanudas Kasar, Shankar Ramchandra Thopate*.

Journal Name: Current Organocatalysis

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Background: Multicomponent reactions involve simultaneous reaction of three or more components which deliver the product that incorporate the elements of all starting material. Combination of multicomponent reaction and green solvents like water and use of nonconventional energy sources like microwave or ultrasonication are important features of ideal green synthesis. Therefore, the design of new multicomponent reaction and improvement of already known multicomponent reaction with green procedure has attracted attention of scientific community. Isoxazole derivatives are well known for their biological activities such as antifungal, analgesic, antitumor, antioxidant, antimicrobial, COX-2 inhibitory, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimycobacterial.

Objective: To develop green methodology for the synthesis of 4H-isoxazol-5-ones derivatives.

Methods: We are reporting Itaconic acid as a green homogenous organocatalyst under ultrasound irradiation for the synthesis of 4H-isoxazol-5-ones derivatives.

Result: Itaconic acid was used as a green catalyst for the synthesis of 4H-isoxazol-5-ones derivatives under conventional as well as ultrasound irradiation technique. Under ultrasound irradiation condition requires less time for the completion of reaction also yields were better.

Conclusion: In conclusion, we have developed green methodology for the synthesis 4H-isoxazol-5-ones derivatives. Itaconic acid is used as an organocatalyst which is biodegradable and nonhazardous. Water is used as a green solvent. Ultrasonication is used as non-conventional green energy source. Ambient reaction conditions are used to carry out transformation for multicomponent reaction. Metal free, mineral acid free synthesis, are key features of the present protocol.

Keywords: Ultrasonication, Itaconic acid, 4H-isoxazol-5-ones, reusable, homogenous, organocatalyst

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DOI: 10.2174/2213337206666190411115402