Occurrence of Interleukin-2 (330 G/T) Promoter Polymorphism in ARV associated hepatotoxicity

Author(s): HariOm Singh*, Nayana Nambiar, Dharmesh Samani, Raman R. Gangakhedkar.

Journal Name: Current Molecular Medicine

Volume 19 , Issue 3 , 2019

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Background: IL-2 cytokine is involved in HIV replication and is also known to cause hepatic injury. Polymorphisms in the IL-2 gene are associated with altered interleukin-2 production.

Methods: Hence, we assessed the prevalence of IL-2-303G/T polymorphism in 165 HIV patients (34 with and 131without hepatotoxicity) and 155 healthy controls using the PCR-RFLP method.

Results: In patients with hepatotoxicity, IL-2-303GT, -303GT+TT genotypes were less prevalent as compared to without hepatotoxicity and healthy controls (29.4% vs. 42.7%, 58.8% vs. 69.5%; 29.4% vs. 40.6%, 58.8% vs. 66.5%, respectively). In patients with hepatotoxicity using tobacco and alcohol, IL-2-303GT,-303TT genotypes were distributed higher as compared to non-users (42.9% vs. 25.9%, OR=8.52, 42.9% vs. 25.9%, OR=9.09, and 28.6% vs. 29.6%, OR=1.63, 42.9% vs. 25.9%, OR=2.93), while IL-2-303TT genotype occurred more often in HIV patients consuming alcohol (34.1% vs. 23.0%). Nevirapine users with hepatotoxicity overrepresented the IL-2-303GT,-303TT genotypes as compared to efavirenz (34.8% vs. 18.2%, OR=4.64, 34.8% vs. 18.2%, OR=3.88). Among nevirapine users, IL-2-303GT genotype was associated with susceptibility to the acquisition of hepatotoxicity with borderline significance (OR=4.24, P=0.06). HIV patients using nevirapine majorly represented the IL-2-303TT genotype (26.9% vs. 25.0%, OR=2.35) while HIV patients with nevirapine + alcohol usage presented the IL-2 -330TT genotype at a higher frequency (34.2%% vs. 23.5%, OR=1.51). In patients with hepatotoxicity using nevirapine + alcohol, the genotype IL-2 - 330TT was predominant (60.0% vs. 27.8%, OR=3.16).

Conclusion: Thus, IL-2-303G/T polymorphism did not confer the susceptibility to ARV associated hepatotoxicity. However, IL-2-303G/T polymorphism with nevirapine usage may facilitate the risk for acquisition of ARV associated hepatotoxicity.

Keywords: IL-2 gene, Genetic polymorphism, ARV associated hepatotoxicity, HIV patients, NNRTI regimen, Cytokine.

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