Arduino and SCILAB based Projects

Arduino and SCILAB based Projects

Arduino and Scilab based Projects provides information ranging from the basics to advanced knowledge of Arduino and its interfacing with input/output devices (display devices, actuators, sensors), ...
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Motion Detection System with Arduino_1.1 Package

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Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot and Bhupendra Singh


This chapter discusses the working of a home automation system where lights of the room are made ‘ON’ if a human presence is detected, with the help of Scilab XCOS and Arduino I/O package. To understand the read/write operation with Scilab XCOS, a system is designed to automate a room where lights will be ‘ON’, if human presence is detected. Fig. (7.1) shows the block diagram of the system. The block diagram comprises of power supply, Arduino Nano, motion detector sensor (PIR), relay and Bulb.


Arduino_1.1 Package, PIR sensor, Scilab.


Electronics & Communication Dept. Lovely Professional University, India.