Arduino and SCILAB based Projects

Arduino and SCILAB based Projects

Arduino and Scilab based Projects provides information ranging from the basics to advanced knowledge of Arduino and its interfacing with input/output devices (display devices, actuators, sensors), ...
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Arduino Interfacing with Sensors

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Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot and Bhupendra Singh


This chapter describes the interfacing of analog and digital sensors with an Arduino board. The sensor is a device which detects the change in physical, electrical or other parameters and generates an electrical or optical signal as output. The sensor which produces a continuous output signal is known as an analog sensor and the sensor which changes the output status on occurrence of an event is called the digital sensor. The voltage of an output signal of an analog sensor is proportional to the quantity measured. The examples of the digital sensor include capacitive touch proximity sensor, and fire sensor and the analog sensors are voltage sensor, and current sensor.


Arduino, Analog Sensor, Digital Sensor.


Electronics & Communication Dept. Lovely Professional University, India.