Polysaccharide-based Scaffolds for Bone Marrow Regeneration: Recent Work and Commercial Utility (Patent)

Author(s): Rashmi Sharma*, Pramod Kumar Sharma, Rishabha Malviya.

Journal Name: Current Smart Materials

Volume 4 , Issue 1 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Biochemical applications of polysaccharide are often demonstrated in various drug delivery systems and bone tissue engineering. Perhaps they are similar in biochemical properties with human components of the extracellular matrix, the body recognized them easily. In this manuscript, the polysaccharides, such as chitosan chitin, carrageenan, chondroitin sulfate,and cellulose used as scaffolds for bone regeneration, are discussed. Scaffolds have a porous structure which is extremely interconnected & permits cell penetration. They provide a 3-dimensional environment for bone regeneration. Polysaccharides such as chitosan have great mechanical characteristics and biocompatibility. Present manuscript deals with the polysaccharides based scaffolds that should possess osteoconductivity, biocompatibility,and mechanical strength like property during the tissue repairing process.They also show decreased degradation rate which means that they are present for tissue regeneration for an extended period of time. So it can be concluded that the polysaccharide-based scaffolds have good mechanical strength and stimulate the natural extracellular of bone for the regeneration process. In this manuscript, various patentsbased on applications of polysaccharide in bone marrow and tissue regeneration is also included.

Keywords: Bone regeneration, cellulose, chitosan, polysaccharide, scaffolds, work and commercial utility.

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