Domino Liver Transplantation: Where are we Now?

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Author(s): Francesco Santopaolo, Ilaria Lenci, Alessandra Bosa, Mario Angelico, Martina Milana , Leonardo Baiocchi*.

Journal Name: Reviews on Recent Clinical Trials

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Background: Domino transplant occurs when a recipient explanted graft could be then used for a second recipient.

Introduction: The first experience came from thoracic surgery by the observation that many patients during heart-lung transplantation actually showed a functional heart that could be employed in other subjects with a good result.

Results: This concept was then extended in the field of liver transplantation. At present, some patients transplanted for inborn metabolic disease may be considered as excellent domino liver donors.

Conclusions: The results, the limits, the clinical challenges and the donor and recipient features of domino liver transplantation are discussed in this manuscript.

Keywords: Liver, Transplantation, Human, Domino, Inborn Disease, Amyloidosis Transthyretin

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