Role of Dendrimer in Drug Solubilisation – A Review

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Author(s): Ravindra V. Movliya , Pravinkumar M. Patel* .

Journal Name: Drug Delivery Letters

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Objective:Dendrimer a new class of polymer synthetic proved themselves very useful tools for biomedical application due to their unique characteristics including water solubility, uniform size and shape, defined molecular weight, multivalency, biological compatibility and internal cavities. Due to hydrophobicity of drug molecule creates a hurdles in development of effective dosage form and presents insufficient drug delivery to the target site.

Method: Solubility enhancement is one of the key property of dendrimer. The hydrophobic drug molecules entrapped in to the cavities of dendrimer by complexation and get solubilized in the aqueous solution.

Conclusion: Present article contains information on dendrimer and its biomedical application such as API solubility. The detail study is presented year wise survey of different research articles, research papers, reviews and patents on dendrimer and its application in drug solubility.

Keywords: Dendrimer, Solubility, Biomedical, Complexation, PAMAM, Drug carrier.

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(E-pub Ahead of Print)
DOI: 10.2174/2210303109666190319165209
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