Recent Patents on the Structure of High-Speed Motorized Spindle

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Author(s): Ye Dai*, Wen-Qiang Wei, Xue-Liang Zhang, Yun-Shan Qi.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

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Background: As one of the core components of high speed CNC machine tool, high speed motorized spindle is the core functional component of high precision CNC machine tool, which has become the key research and development object of the world.

Objective: By comparing and discussing the patents of high speed motorized spindle, some valuable conclusions are drawn to predict the future research and development of high speed motorized spindle.

Methods: Through analyzing the characteristic of high speed motorized spindle structure, the influence of high speed motorized spindle on high speed machining technology is expounded. Combining with the key technology of high speed motorized spindle, the patents related to high speed motorized spindle structure is used for investigation.

Results: With the rapid development of high-speed cutting and numerical control technology and the need of practical application, the requirement of high speed spindle performance is higher and higher. Motorized spindle technology develops in a direction of high speed, high strength, high power, high torque and low speed, high precision, high reliability and long life, diversified bearing and lubrication cooling methods and intelligent system.

Conclusion: With high speed motorized spindle different level improvement and the renovation of the structure, adding lubrication and cooling device to the spindle improves the performance of spindle, fills the gap of relevant technology and solves the practical problem.

Keywords: CNC machine, high precision, high speed motorized spindle, modern manufacturing industry, patent, structure

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DOI: 10.2174/2212797612666190319154640
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