Preserving SLA Parameters for Trusted IaaS Cloud: An Intelligent Monitoring Approach

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Author(s): Vivek Kumar Prasad*, Madhuri Bhavsar.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Engineering

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Background: Cloud Computing (CC) provides an open computing feature where a large number of customers can interact with the cloud services hosted by the cloud service providers (CSP) for their business requirements.

Objectives: Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are legal agreements between an enterprise and the CSP. To increase the confidence of the customer towards their CSP(s) will be determined by SLA fulfillment and possible actions should be adopted to minimize the violation of the SLAs. Which in turn will also lead to the revenue generation towards CSP. When SLA is breached by the customer, penalties are imposed; whereas SLA breach by the CSP will affect the trust of its valuable customers.

Methods: Identify the metrics with respect to the resources and its Service level agreements (SLAs) and measure (monitoring) this to maintain its value and if the value is less as per the SLAs (threshold values) then take precautionary actions to maintain this.

Results: The results indicate the present status of the resource utilization of the CPU and categories into three levels and based upon this take necessary actions to maintain the SLAs.

Conclusion: The methodology discussed herein this paper can be used for monitoring the SLA parameter and to avoid the circumstances that can lead to breaching of the SLA(s).

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Service level agreements, Monitoring, QoS, Resource Utilization

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