The Roles of Different Stem Cells in Premature Ovarian Failure

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Author(s): Cheng Zhang.

Journal Name: Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy

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Premature ovarian failure (POF) is characterized by amenorrhea, hypergonadotropism and hypoestrogenism before the age of 40, which affects 1% of women in the general population. POF is complex and heterogeneous due to the pathogenetic mechanisms. And it is one of the significant causes for female infertility. Although many treatments are available for POF, the therapies are lower efficient and cause many side effects. Therefore, it is still urgent to found the effective therapeutics for POF. Stem cells have self-renewal and regeneration potential, and are effective for the treatment of ovarian failure and consequently infertility. Recent studies have found that stem cells therapy may restore the ovarian structure and function in animal models of POF and provides an effective treatment method. The present review summarizes the biological roles and the possible signaling mechanisms of the different stem cells on POF ovary. Further study on the precise mechanisms of stem cells on POF may provide new insight into the female reproduction, which not only enhance the understanding of the physiological roles but also support effective therapy for recovering ovarian functions against infertility.

Keywords: Premature ovarian failure, Stem cells, Ovary, Gonadotropin

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