Multiplex PCR is Rapid, simple and cheap method for direct diagnosis of M. tuberculosis from sputum samples

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Author(s): Tarig Alnour*, Faisel Abuduhier , Mohammed Khatatneh , Fahad Albalawi , Khalid Alfifi , Bernard Silvala .

Journal Name: Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets

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Introduction: Rapid diagnosis of M. tuberculosis directly from sputum samples is a challenging process. This study aimed to design and evaluate multiplex-PCR method for direct diagnosis of M. tuberculosis from sputum specimens.

Materials and Methods: 46 suspected tuberculosis patients and 25 apparently healthy individuals were enrolled in the study. Sputa were collected from study population and processed by cold ZN stain. DNA was extracted from each specimens and processed by Multiplex PCR and Genotype Mycobacteria CM.

Results: Out of the 46 Tuberculosis suspected patients, 22 (47.8%) revealed positive Acid fast bacilli (AFB), while 19 (41.3%) showed positive by both multiplex PCR and Genotype Mycobacteria CM. The overall sensitivity of multiplex PCR and smear microscopy were 100% while the specificity were 100, and 86.3%, respectively.

Conclusion: Multiplex PCR method using two different sets of primers in combination of other diagnostic tools such as X-Rays and smear Microscopy are cheap, rapid and reliable methods for diagnosis of M. tuberculosis from clinical samples and able to identify most of smear positive cases with valuable accuracy.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Multiplex PCR, Genotype Mycobacteria CM, Saudi Arabia

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