Influence of κ-carrageenan, Modified Starch and Inulin Addition on Rheological and Sensory Properties of Non-fat and Non-added Sugar Dairy Dessert

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Author(s): Zhaleh Sheidaei, Bahareh Sarmadi, Seyede Marzieh Hosseini, Fardin Javanmardi, Kianoush Khosravi-Darani, Amir Mohammad Mortazavian*.

Journal Name: Current Nutrition & Food Science

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Background: The high amounts of fat, sugar and calorie existing in dairy desserts can lead to increase the risk of health problems. Therefore, the development of functional and dietary forms of these products can help the consumer health.

Objective: This study aims to investigate the effects of κ-carrageenan, modified starch and inulin addition on rheological and sensory properties of non-fat and non-added sugar dairy dessert.

Method: In order to determine the viscoelastic behavior of samples, oscillatory test was carried out and the values of storage modulus (G′), loss modulus (G″), loss angle tangent (tan δ) and complex viscosity (η∗) were measured. TPA test was used for analysis of the desserts’ texture and textural parameters of samples containing different concentrations of carrageenan, starch and inulin were calculated.

Result: All treatments showed a viscoelastic gel structure with the storage modulus higher than the loss modulus values. Increasing amounts of κ-carrageenan and modified starch caused an increase in G′ and G″ as well as η∗ and a decrease in tan δ. Also, firmness and cohesiveness were enhanced. The trained panelists gave the highest score to the treatment with 0.1% κ-carrageenan, 2.5% starch and 5.5% inulin (sucralose as constant = 0.25%) and this sample was the best treatment with desirable attributes for the production of non-fat and non-added sugar dairy dessert.

Conclusion: It can be concluded that the concentration of κ-carrageenan and starch strongly influenced the rheological and textural properties of dairy desserts, whereas the inulin content had little effect on these attributes.

Keywords: Dairy desserts, Inulin, κ-carrageenan, modified starch, Rheological properties, Sensory properties

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