Simulation and Experimental Investigation on Micro Electrochemical Milling of Micro Pattern Structures with High-Speed Helix Electrode

Author(s): Huanghai Kong, Yong Liu*, Kan Wang, Yong Jiang, Xiangming Zhu.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

Volume 12 , Issue 2 , 2019

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Background: It is always difficult to fabricate micro parts in complicated machines. As one of the most promising micro machining methods, micro electrochemical milling based on the principle of anode electrochemical dissolution is useful for the fabrication of micro structures in hard metal material with advantages irrespective of the material hardness and strength along with no residual stress or heat treatment being observed on the surface of the workpiece.

Objective: The purpose of this paper is to propose a method of micro pattern structures machining by using high-speed helix electrode in micro electrochemical milling, and reveal the relationship of rotating speed of helix electrode and machining efficiency.

Methods: This paper presents a micro electrochemical milling technique for fabricating micro pattern structures with high efficiency. Firstly, a mathematical model of gap electric field under the condition of ultra short pulse power supply is established, and the surface profile change of workpiece in micro electrochemical milling is simulated by COMSOL Multiphysics. Secondly, the gap flow field of the machining under the conditions of different rotating speed of helix electrode is analyzed by simulation. Finally, a set of experiments are carried out to discuss the influence of the rotating speed on maximum feed rate.

Results: The surface profile change of workpiece in micro electrochemical milling is predicted by simulation. The graphs of gas-liquid distribution and velocity vector of the flow field in the machining are obtained. A series of micro pattern structures with a groove width of 150µm are machined successfully.

Conclusion: By using high-speed helix electrode, the electrolyte circulation can be promoted and machining efficiency of micro electrochemical milling can be improved obviously. The experiment results demonstrate that the micro electr ochemical milling with high-speed helix electrode is an efficient method to fabricate micro pattern structures. In this article, various patents have been discussed.  

Keywords: Helix electrode, high-speed, machining efficiency, micro electrochemical milling, micro pattern structures, ultra short pulse.

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Year: 2019
Page: [146 - 157]
Pages: 12
DOI: 10.2174/2212797612666190225164706
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