Graphene Oxide and Its Derivatives: Their Synthesis and Use in Organic Synthesis

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Author(s): Xiangjun Peng, Xianyun Xu, Qian Liu*, Liangxian Liu*.

Journal Name: Current Organic Chemistry

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Since Geim and co-workers reported their groundbreaking experiments on graphene, research on graphene oxide (GO) and its derivatives has greatly influenced the field of modern physics, chemistry, device fabrication, material science, and nanotechnology. The unique structure and fascinating properties of these carbon materials can be ascribed to their eminent chemical, electronic, electrochemical, optical, and mechanical properties of GO and its derivatives, particularly compared to other carbon allotropes. The present Review aims to provide an overview on the recent developments in the preparation of GO and its derivatives and their applications in organic reactions. We will first outline the synthesis of GO and its derivatives. Then, we will discuss the major sections about their application as stoichiometric and catalytic oxidants in organic reactions, a particular emphasis on the carbon-carbon, carbon-oxygen, and carbon-nitrogen single bond-forming reactions, as well as carbon-oxygen and carbon-nitrogen double bond-forming reactions. Simultaneously, this Review also describes briefly transition metal supported on GO or its derivatives as a catalyst for organic reaction. Lastly, we will present an outlook of potential areas where GO and its derivatives may be expected to find utility or opportunity for further growth and study.

Keywords: Graphene, Graphene oxide, Carbocatalyst, Green chemistry

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DOI: 10.2174/1385272823666190213122158
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