Comprehensive Review On Graphene Oxide For Use In Drug Delivery System

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Author(s): Muhammad Daniyal, Bin Liu, Wei Wang*.

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

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Motivated by the accomplishment of carbon nano tubes (CNTs), graphene and graphene oxide (GO) have been widely investigated in the previous quite a long while as an innovative medication nanocarrier for the stacking of a variety of therapeutics as well as anti-cancer medications, ineffectively dissolvable medications, anti-microbials, antibodies, peptides, DNA, RNA and genes. The greatly huge surface region of graphene, with each molecule uncovered on its two sides, is took into consideration ultra-high medication stacking effectiveness. Graphene and GO have been widely investigated by way of the absolute greatest encouraging biomaterials for biomedical applications as they have exceptional qualities: two-dimensional planar structure, substantial surface territory, chemical and mechanical constancy, sublime conductivity and great biocompatibility. Because of these special qualities GO applications bring cutting edge medicate transports frameworks and transports of a wide scope of therapeutics. In this review we discuss the latest advances and improvements in the uses of graphene and GO for drug transport and nanomedicine. Initially, we describe what is graphene and graphene oxide then after by the qualities of GO as a drug transport then we discuss the utilization of GO in drug transport applications, Targeted drug transport, transport of anticancer medications, chemical control medicine releasee, Co-transport of different medications, Comparison of GO with CNTs, Nano graphene for drug transport and in the last we discuss about the Graphene toxicity. At the end we conclude this review with a conclusion of current expansion and the potential outlook for the future.

Keywords: Graphene oxide, nano medicine, drug delivery system, Graphene

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(E-pub Abstract Ahead of Print)
DOI: 10.2174/1381612825666190201120013
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