Adverse Drug Reactions to Radiographic Contrast Media in a Teaching Hospital in North India: An Observational Study

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Author(s): Deepti Chopra *, Abhinav Jain , Richa Garg, Shreya Dhingra .

Journal Name: Current Drug Safety

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Background: Radiocontrast media are used extensively nowadays to visualize internal organs. Currently, non-ionic iodinated contrast media are used which are generally considered to be safe but some adverse reactions have been reported. Thus, the present study was carried out to analyze the nature and incidence of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to radiographic contrast media in a teaching hospital.

Methods: An observational study carried out for a period of six months in a teaching hospital. Contrast media induced adverse reactions were analyzed in terms of affected organs, rate, causality assessment, severity and preventability. The treatment and outcomes of adverse events were also recorded. Naranjo Probability Scale was used to evaluate the relationship between the contrast agent used and the suspected ADR. The severity of the suspected ADRs was determined using Hartwig Scale and preventability was assessed using modified Schumock and Thornton criterion.

Results: A total of 15 suspected ADRs occurred in 11 patients with an incidence of 1.4%. It included 5 (45.4%) males and 6 (54.5%) females (p < .05). The highest percentage (72.7 %) of ADRs was seen in adult patients, the mean age being 40.8 years. Vomiting (33.3%) was the most common ADR noted followed by severe nausea and rashes. 64.7 % of ADRs were categorized as probable and 35.3 % were possible. Adverse reactions required treatment in 46.6% patients. There was no fatality reported.

Conclusion: The reactions observed were mild to moderate in severity and occurred within 30 minutes of the administration of the contrast.

Keywords: Radiocontrast media, adverse drug reactions, adverse events, non-ionic iodinated contrast media.

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