Prediction and Optimization of Parameters for the Al5083/ B4C Composite Wear Rate

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Author(s): Ram Singh*, Malik Shadab, Rabisankar Debnath, Ram Naresh Rai.

Journal Name: Current Nanoscience

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Background: Al5083 has been basically used in marine and aerospace applications where it’s intended for higher corrosion resistance and better weldability. Again this Al5083 matrix has not been suitable for various other applications such as electrical contact brushes, cylinder liners, artificial joints and helicopter blades etc. due to its poor wear resistance properties.

Objective: The aim of this research is the optimization of wear rate of the composite with Al5083 matrix, reinforced with B4C (Boron carbide) particles, and it is achieved through the investigation of the subsequent effect: wt.% of the reinforcement, applied load and sliding speed.

Method: The material used for specimen is Al5083 and Al5083/B4C composite which is melted at 750°C in an induction furnace; the composite is prepared by stir casting technique. It was developed by an ex-situ technique. The liquid melt poured into pre heated cast iron mould for carrying out the specimen preparation of wear testing.

Results: The wear rate of Al5083/B4C composite is less than Al5083, the most influencing factor on wear rate is applied load and mechanism of deformation induced in the sliding surface of the pin was analysed by SEM (scanning electron microscope).

Conclusion: Wear rate of Al5083 and Al5083/B4C composite increases with the increases of applied load, Sliding speed and decreases as the wt. % B4C increases. The contribution of applied load is more in wear rate as compared with other two factors and the value predict by Taguchi, obtained by RSM (Response surface methodology) and evaluated by experiment are almost similar.

Keywords: Al5083, Taguchi, wear rate, stir casting, load, sliding speed

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