Recent Patents Applications in Red Biotechnology: A Mini-Review

Author(s): Raíssa C.D. Graciano, Júlia A.T. Ribeiro, Anderson K.S. Macêdo, José Paulo de S. Lavareda, Pedro R. de Oliveira, Jairo B. Netto, Laís M. Nogueira, Juliana M. Machado, Mariana Camposda-Paz, Rodolfo C. Giunchetti, Alexsandro S. Galdino*.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Biotechnology

Volume 13 , Issue 3 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: The different fields of biotechnology can be classified by colors, as a "rainbow" methodology. In this sense, the red biotechnology, focused on the preservation of health, has been outstanding in helping to solve this challenge through the provision of technologies, including diagnostic kits, molecular diagnostics, vaccines, innovations in cancer research, therapeutic antibodies and stem cells.

Objective: The main goal of this work is to highlight the different areas within the red Biotechnology. In this sense, we revised some patents regarding red biotechnology as examples to cover this subject.

Methods: A literature search of patents was performed from the followings Patents Database: INPI, USPTO, Esp@cenet, WIPO and Google Patents.

Results: Our analysis showed the following numbers from patents found: cancer research (8), diagnosis kit (9), vaccines (8), stem cells (9) and therapeutic antibodies (5), where the United States is the leader for most filled patents in Red Biotechnology.

Conclusion: This mini-review has provided an update of some patents on Recent Patents in Red Biotechnology. As far as we know, this is the first mini-review report on Red Biotechnology based on patents.

Keywords: Red Biotechnology, diagnosis kit, vaccines, stem cells, cancer, therapeutic antibodies.

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