Developmental Studies of Curcumin NLCs as Safe Alternative in Management of Infectious Childhood Dermatitis

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Author(s): Manisha Lalan*, Pranav Shah, Krina Shah, Aparna Prasad.

Journal Name: Nanoscience & Nanotechnology-Asia

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Objective: The objective of the present studies was to develop and evaluate curcumin loaded NLCs for management of childhood dermatitis by exploiting its antimicrobial and anti-infective properties and increasing its skin deposition.

Materials & Methods: The screened lipidic excipients (on solubility basis) were used to formulate NLC dispersion by solvent injection technique and process variables were optimized. Central composite design was employed to study the effect of surfactant, total lipid and ratio of solid lipid to liquid lipid on dependent variables such as particle size, zeta potential, % entrapment efficiency and time for 80% drug release. Statistical model indicated that higher surfactant concentrations, lower lipid concentrations, reducing the solid lipid content minimized the particle size, maximized the % entrapment efficiency and optimized time for 80% drug release, while it had an inverse effect on zeta potential. The TEM of NLC dispersions elucidated its sphericity. Curcumin NLCs were incorporated into carbopol 934 P based gel and characterized for morphological and rheological properties, drug release, skin permeation and retention study, skin irritancy, in vitro microbial activity and stability.

Results: The optimized formulations exhibited satisfactory physicochemical properties and followed Higuchi kinetic model. The NLC dispersion when incorporated into gel, was stable and nonirritating. Antimicrobial study against S.aureus showed larger zone of inhibition with developed formulation.

Conclusion: The developed curcumin NLC gel exhibited potential in management of childhood dermatitis by virtue of sustained drug release, increase skin deposition and efficient antimicrobial action.

Keywords: Childhood Dermatitis, Curcumin, Nanostructured Lipid Carrier, Antinfective, Solvent injection technique

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