Understanding Membrane Protein Drug Targets in Computational Perspective

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Author(s): Jianting Gong, Xian Tan, Yongbing Chen, Pingping Sun, Fei He, Li Zhang, Yanwen Li*, Zhiqiang Ma*, Han Wang*.

Journal Name: Current Drug Targets

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Membrane proteins play crucial physiological roles in vivo and are the major category of drug targets for pharmaceuticals. The research on membrane protein is a significant part in the drug discovery. The biological process is a cycled network, and the membrane protein is a vital hub in the network since most drugs achieve the therapeutic effect via interacting with the membrane protein. In this review, typical membrane protein targets are described, including GPCRs, transporters and ion channels. Also, we conclude network servers and databases that are referring to the drug, drug-target information and their relevant data. Furthermore, we chiefly introduce the development and practice of modern medicines, particularly demonstrating a series of state-of-the-art computational models for the prediction of drug-target interaction containing network-based approach and machine-learningbased approach as well as showing current achievements. Finally, we discuss the prospective orientation of drug repurposing and drug discovery as well as propose some improved framework in bioactivity data, created or improved predicted approaches, alternative understanding approaches of drugs bioactivity and their biological processes.

Keywords: Membrane Protein, Drug Targets, Drug Discovery, Computational Biology, Machine Learning, Biological Networks.

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DOI: 10.2174/1389450120666181204164721
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