Effect of Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction on the Properties of Freeze-Dried Pomegranate Arils

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Author(s): Nishant Kumar* , Neeraj .

Journal Name: Current Nutrition & Food Science

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Background: All parts of the pomegranate (fruits, leaves, flowers, and roots) are traditionally used as a folk medicine due to its high antioxidant and phenolic property. The pomegranate fruit is known for its antimicrobial, anticancer and anti-arteriosclerotic properties. Objective: The current study aims to the effect of ultra-sonication and temperature (45°C) on freezedried pomegranate arils powder for extraction of phenolic and flavonoid compounds and to study the antioxidant activity. Methods: The freeze-dried arils of pomegranate (Ganesh variety) were procured and subjected to ultra- sonication methods at 45ºC applied for 30 minutes by using methanol, ethanol, water, acetone and hexane solvent for obtaining the extract. The methanolic extract showed the highest phenolic (3036.725±5.39 Gallic acid equivalents mg/100gm), flavonoid (15882.088±0.64, quercetin mg/100g), antioxidant activity (96.1367±0.13%) and free reducing antioxidant power (FRAP assay-18.9033±0.12, Tor. mg/100 ml) respectively, as compared to the extract obtained through other solvents. Results: The results obtained indicate that the freeze-drying method and ultrasonic extraction method is one of the effective and quick methods for quality extraction of phenolic and flavonoids compounds from fruits. Conclusion: The technology can further be explored for the development of nutraceutical and health supplements.

Keywords: Pomegranate Arils, Ultra-sonication, Total Phenolic content, Total Flavonoids content, Antioxidant activity, Drying

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