Development of Topical Nanocarriers for Skin Cancer Treatment Using Quality by Design Approach

Author(s): Erzsebet Csanyi*, Mónika Bakonyi, Anita Kovács, Mária Budai-Szűcs, Ildikó Csóka, Szilvia Berkó.

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 26 , Issue 35 , 2019


Background: One of the most compelling medical challenges of this century is the treatment of cancer and among them, skin cancer is the most common type. Thus, current treatments need to be renewed continuously to handle this challenge.

Objective: This review presents considerations which can be employed during the development of nanosized formulations dedicated to the topical treatment of skin cancer. We aimed to collect and organize literature data on the treatment options for skin cancer in order to determine the required quality attributes of an effective dermal anticancer formulation.

Method: With the consideration of the Quality by Design (QbD) approach related to the development of new pharmaceutical formulations, a cost-saving process ensuring a high-quality product taking into account patient expectations, industrial and regulatory aspects can be achieved. Furthermore, this concept is highly recommended by regulatory agencies.

Results: Our work discusses the current therapies, active agents, drug carrier systems, and evaluation methods in connection with the treatment of skin cancer and outlines Critical Quality Attributes which need to be considered during the development of a nanosized dermal anticancer formulation.

Conclusion: The first part of this review summarizes the most important topical treatment therapies for skin cancer and highlights the future therapeutic perspectives, focusing on the benefits of nanotechnology and dermal administration. The second part outlines the critical points of nanosized dermal anticancer formulation development in the view of QbD approach. Our research emphasizes the application of QbD method for a rationalized and more effective anticancer formulation development process.

Keywords: Anticancer, skin cancer, nanopharmaceutics, nanoparticles, dermal, Quality by Design (QbD).

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Year: 2019
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