Enhanced Resistance of Triploid Crucian Carp to Cadmiuminduced Oxidative and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stresses

Author(s): Wenbin Liu, Yuanhui Wen, Minmeng Wang, Saiyu Gui, Xiaochao Li, Yunpeng Fan, Xiang Yan, Yuqi Lin, Yuyan Sun, Jinhui Liu, Liangyue Peng, Shaojun Liu, David Wancheng Li*, Yamei Xiao*.

Journal Name: Current Molecular Medicine

Volume 18 , Issue 6 , 2018

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Background: Cadmium is a major heavy metal pollutant. Even at low concentrations in waste water Cadmium can accumulate in algae and sediments, and it is absorbed by both plants and aquatic animals, like shellfish and fish. Triploid crucian carp is an important economic fish, and have been farmed on a large scale in China.

Objective: to explore the molecular mechanisms underlying Cadmium stress of triploid crucian carp.

Method: we applied following experimental method to conduct research: transcriptomes analysis, histological observation, Quantitative real-time PCR and enzyme activity analysis et al.

Results: in the present study, we obtained following important results: 1) Under Cd stress, the mortality and abnormality rates in triploid crucian carp were lower than those of diploid strains and the effects of Cadmium treatment on the liver were revealed by histological observation; 2) the liver transcriptomes of triploid crucian carp were obtained and the data was analyzed; 3) 14 genes related to algae and sediments stress were screened from transcriptome data, and the expression of these genes was verified by Quantitative real-time PCR. The results were consistent with the gene results in transcriptome data; 4) Quantitative real-time PCR and enzyme activity analysis all confirmed triploid crucian carp resistance to Cadmium stress was regulated by both oxidative stress and ER stress responses; 5) We found that IRE-1 and PERK, not ATF- 6, were involved in the enhance Cadmium resistance of triploid crucian carp.

Conclusion: these studies demonstrate that triploid crucian carp have strong resistance to Cadmium.

Keywords: Cadmium, triploid crucian carp, ER stress, oxidative stress, IRE-1, PERK.

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Year: 2018
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