Design, Synthesis, Antimicrobial and Anti-biofilm Evaluation, and Molecular Docking of Newly Substituted Fluoroquinazolinones

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Author(s): Mohamed F. Zayed, Sabrin R.M. Ibrahim*, EL-Sayed E. Habib, Memy H. Hassan, Sahar Ahmed, Heba S. Rateb.

Journal Name: Medicinal Chemistry

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Background: Quinazolines and quinazolinones derivatives are well known for their important range of therapeutic activities.

Objective: The study aims to carry out the synthesis of some derivatives of substituted fluoroquinazolinones based on structure-based design and evaluation of their antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-biofilm activities.

Method: Compounds were chemically synthesized by conventional methods. Structures were established on the basis of spectral and elemental analyses. The antimicrobial potential was tested against various microorganisms using the agar disc-diffusion method. MIC and MBC as well as anti-biofilm activity for the highly active compounds were assessed. Moreover, the computational studies were performed using Auto dock free software package (version 4.0) to explain the predicted mode of binding.

Result: All derivatives (5-8), (10a-g), and (A-H) were biologically tested and showed significant antimicrobial activity comparable to the reference compounds. Compounds 10b, 10c, and 10d had a good MIC and MBC against Gram-positive bacteria, whereas 10b and 10d showed significant MIC and MBC against Gram-negative bacteria. However, compounds E and F exhibited good MIC and MBC against fungi. Compound 10c and 8 exhibited significant anti-biofilm activity towards S. aureus and M. luteus. Molecular docking study revealed a strong binding of these derivatives with their receptor-site and detected their predicted mode of binding.

Conclusion: The synthesized derivatives showed promising antibacterial, antifungal, and antibiofilm activities. Modeling study explained their binding mode and showed strong binding affinity with their receptor-site. The highly active compounds 5 and 10c could be subjected to future optimization and investigation to be effective antimicrobial agents.

Keywords: Design, Synthesis, Fluoroquinazolinone, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-biofilm, Molecular docking

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