Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Calix[4]arene Derivative Containing 1,3-Diketo Moieties

Author(s): Xuemei Xu, Xuemei Xu, Zaigang Luo*, Zaigang Luo*, Chao Ma, Chao Ma.

Journal Name: Letters in Organic Chemistry

Volume 16 , Issue 9 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


The synthesis of the calix[4]arene derivative containing 1,3-diketo moieties via direct Claisen condensation without protection of the unsubstituted phenolic OH groups is reported. Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis reveals that the calix unit to be in a cone conformation incorporating two 1,3-diketo subunits disposed in alternate position at the lower rim. And the crystal packing reveals that the overall packing of the complex is staggered anti-parallelly.

Keywords: Calix[4]arene, 1, 3-diketo, claisen condensation, crystal structure, phenolic group, DKA.

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